This is what I wrote during SBS, in regard to where I saw myself in a year, something I’ve tried to be faithful in the past now almost year since I’ve been back.

·       I would like to be somewhere with a job, learning  more how to steward any of my gifts and being in community growing in relationship with people and God.

·       I would be living sacrificially giving a good portion of my money to the Lord and hopefully reaching out to people wherever I am.

·       I would have become a man of God I never thought possible, or likely. I would be worshiping him not just in my money, and heart but by my actions, time and gifts.

·       I would like to have a better relationship with my parents in which many barriers are broken down and much can be shared about, personally, spiritually, and emotionally.

·       I would also like to be more comfortable with who I am and with less fear of man.

·       I would also like to learn how to be a better teacher, and a better student.

·       I would like to learn to have an even better resolve, resilience and more patience, to be the most chill man to ever walk the Earth with thicker figurative skin.

UPDATE(12/26/12):   In that SBS has now been completed, my vision continues on through a more sedate lifestyle.
I will now be looking for a career to support myself, so that i can continue to develop my gifts as a graphic designer and an aspiring teacher.

After DTS I found out something about myself.  I enjoy learning and teaching what I learn.  And following Jesus’s command of the Great Commission, I believe I can try to do my part of that by making disciples of all nations by teaching/preaching.  However I still need to be further equipped and trained before I can do more of what I’d like to do; I have decided to enroll in YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies(SBS).

After that I’m not exactly sure where that’ll take me, but I know nine months of intensive study in the word is something I’d like to do and have even if ministry is not a vocational part of my life.  So even if I end up teaching Sunday school or even just leading an occasional Bible study I would believe this time to be useful.

Furthering the Kingdom of God by making disciples of him in all nations is my prerogative and my goal in life, and through that doing the good works that he has set for me to do (Ephesians 2:10).  As to more specifics of after SBS seems uncertain but probably will be one of the following vague paths:

  1. Titus:  A YWAM program(Notice a trend?) set for 12 weeks that consists of a short training period and then followed by outreach.  Intended for SBS graduates you pray and choose where you want to go to teach/preach and out of a list selected by Titus Staff and then are sent!
  2. Work in US.
  3. Teach English in TW.