Three Remarkable Things

In Matthew 12, Jesus said three remarkable things in his response to the accusations that were being brought against him:  he was greater than the temple (6); he was greater than Jonah (41); and he was greater than Solomon (42). As greater than the temple, Jesus meant that he could be worshiped anywhere; he was the object of all the law and worship. That Jesus was greater than Solomon meant that Solomon’s wisdom was mere theory and not practice; Jesus lived a life of perfection and true wisdom. That Jesus was greater than Jonah meant that Jonah had survived the catastrophe of spending three days inside a large fish– undoubtedly a miracle; Jesus would conquer death itself and three days after his death would rise again.

In effect, Jesus that he is greater than religion, greater than any religion teacher, and greater than any miracle. True spirituality is not a religion, a “guru”, or a miracle. True spirituality must follow where all these lead in ultimate truth– and that is to Jesus Christ alone.

-Ravi Zacharaias, The Grand Weaver, pg. 108


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