As their baptism progressed– with this young lady believer from a Muslim background sitting in the pew between Ruth and me– I noticed Samira beginning to fidget, twisting, turning, and rocking backward and forward. It was as if she was having an anxiety attack. In a quiet whisper, I asked her if there was something wrong.

Samira tugged on the sleeve of my jacket. She whispered forcefully in my ear: ‘I cannot believe this! I cannot believe that I have lived long enough to see people being baptized in public. An entire family together! No one is shooting at them, no one is threatening them, no one will go to prison, no one will be tortured, and no one will be killed. And they are being openly and freely baptized as a family! I never dreamed that God could do such things! I never believed that I would live to see a miracle like this. ‘

I couldn’t help smiling as I turned my eyes back toward the baptismal at the front of the church. A few seconds later, I noticed Samira glancing around the congregation, looking confused and [a] little troubled. When she caught my eye she leaned toward me. ‘Why aren’t all the people standing?’ she wanted to know.

‘What do you mean?’ I whispered back.

‘Why aren’t all these people standing and cheering and clapping at such a miracle from God? I think that I am going to burst with joy! I think that I am going to shout!’

-The Insanity of God, Ripkens, 320


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