I was with yet …

I was with yet another group of believers listening to their stories of prison, persecution, and God’s provision for His people. Once again I was struck by the power of the testimonies and stories that I was hearing. As we came to the end of our time together, I asked: ‘I just don’t understand why you haven’t collected these stories in a book? Believers around the world ought to hear what you have been telling me here today. Your stories are amazing! These are inspiring testimonies! I have never heard anything like them!

An older pastor reached out and took my shoulder. He clamped his other hang tightly onto my arm, and looked me right in the eye. He said, ‘Son, when did you stop reading your Bible? All of our stories are in the Bible. God has already written them down. Why would we bother writing books to tell our stories when God has already told His story. If you would just read the Bible, you would see that our stories are there.”

He paused and then asked me again, ‘When did you stop reading your Bible?’
Without waiting for me to answer he turned and walked away. There was no friendly smile, no encouraging pat on the back, and no kiss on the cheek.

His convicting question still echoes in my mind.

-The Insanity of God, Ripken, 179


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