The Sun that Melts the Ice and Hardens the Clay

You always respond to the preaching of the gospel. The Puritans would say it this way: the same sun that melts the ice hardens the clay. Do you hear what they’re
saying there?

Where the gospel is preached and we hear about our guilt and we hear about this great salvation and we go, “Okay, let me enter into that. Let me wrestle with that. Let me seek out counsel. Let me submit, get help, ferret this out, wrestle with this,” then you move toward what Christ has offered to you. Where you refuse to walk into that, you refuse to dig into that, you make yourself indifferent toward the preaching of it, you literally are taking steps toward a hardening of your own heart,which makes frivolous, surface-level, evangelical weekend church attendance a terrifying thing because you’re fiddling around with damnation. Are you tracking with me?

This little game we’re playing of, “I go to church,” and we show up completely unmoved, no real desire to submit our lives to the Lord, repeatedly hearing the gospel and doing nothing with it is literally taking steps toward the ongoing hardening of our hearts toward the things of God. It is a foolish game to play with your soul. Our God will not be mocked! He is not going to be mocked. You’re not going to play games with him. He can’t be deceived. You’re not tricking anybody.

Matt Chandler, Acts (Part 2)- The Church is Born


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