ywam 2

The man on the right, through his manliness has produced overwhelming testosterone which in return has taken his hair, is Martin. One of my new heroes… He is one of the many ‘foreigners’ in YWAM Taipei. He is British, and has a doctorate from Japan, in Japanese and knows over eight languages. As you guys know all our classes and activities are dual language, so there is alwaysa translator.

There are quite a few white people here that are on staff that have better Mandarin than I do, humbling and discouraging at the same time. I think as a Taiwanese American there are some advantages of that… There are so many times the translators translate things different on purpose for jokes that just leave me incredulous. All of the translators just do it without flinching as if that was really what they were saying.

For Example: Every time any speaker would compliment Martin, he would always leave it out, or just use a pronoun in place of himself. People have caught on when they hear the speaker say his name and he just omits it.

One of my team members freshly baptized, at the once-a-month-large group The Rock Church.
Rejoice with the heavens!

I go to a cell church, that is produced by The Rock(coffee bar owned by YWAM) with a target at native Taiwanese.

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