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I am usually one of the haters. But whether because of age or the staff of YWAM being cool, I really appreciate them, particularly the ones that teach.
Cathy was teaching us for a few days on Evangelism. She probably spends at least 10 hours a week evangelizing talking to and meeting strangers. Her heart for the lost was so inspiring. She had a Power Point presentation and talking about her sisters… and I thought she was just sharing her life with us…But as the story went on, it was about her visiting her sisters at Taipei 101, one of the kids went missing. And how they searched and searched from each floor…and then finally found him.

Then she was like, do you think our Family would’ve been the same if we lost him?
If we could continue to have a good time in the future?

At first I was like…this a trick question? Then she surprised us(me) all when she was like,

No. Like when the shepherd loses his sheep, he will leave the 99 others and rejoices even more when he finds the lost one. That’s what Evangelism is. We are finding our family. And she was just crying as she said these things

Then as my Principal went up to close, her voice wavered heavily as she finished crying… Then they played a video, Thank God…cause I was about to lose it, as well.

That’s when it hit me. For many of these brothers and sisters in Christ, they are the first believers in their family. And they take on a great burden with Jesus, I often am too even scared to look at…their own blood family.

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