Chronological snobbery a term coined by C.S. Lewis, is describing the erroneous argument that the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is inherently inferior when compared to that of the present.


Something which I never understood… When you look back at the Romans, and Mayans… They probably did more with what they had, than we do today with what we have. The Romans and Mayans even had indoor plumbing when today, there are some places that don’t even know what that is. So, how is it that people today think that those of old are people that enjoy to roll in their own feces and wear helmets? Just because we improve on the comfortableness of life, with bidets?

And that’s when it occurred to me. The moment during my hot shower where it felt a bit cold and my hair stood up. Why is chronological snobbery so prolific today? The first sin, ever committed, pride. If angelic beings fell prey to sin, how much more likely are we to be eaten alive by it.

In today’s society, which I am just as much a part of and guilty with… We have fallen into an illusion of our own abilities and knowledge. We hide behind our innovations and engineered marvels of comfort and security. It has puffed us up with knowledge and fed our egos.

Beside what the Bible says on pride (1, 2, 3), there is a lot more to it. What is so powerful about it, is how it slowly creeps up on us, and then finally averts and creates in us, a fruit of destruction. We don’t even know how proud we are, that’s how crazy it is! When you think about why you sometimes say what you say, or do what you do, you may realize you’re trying to bring glory or attention to yourself.

Or the opposite…we try so hard not to do things we see others do that exhibit folly, but inadvertently use that, to let others see the contrast from others to ourselves to make ourselves once again, look great. Or maybe how you are so quick to correct others, and be a critical Chris… I am guilty of that often.

There are so many layers, different depths and craziness to it, that C. J. Mahaney continually calls himself in his book, Humility,…

a proud man pursuing humility by the grace of God. I don’t write as an authority on humility; I write as a fellow pilgrim walking with you on the path set for us by our humble Savior. “


The way we respond to situations and people, becomes different and endangered when our hearts are hardened and necks are stiff. Above all, the greatest damage it does is prevent us from repenting. One of the greatest things Jesus pursues in us, a repentant heart.

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