After many late nights in the shower as I was debriefing myself and letting my mind wander with God, I wondered. Why do people think it’s so crazy to believe in the Bible, literally. One specific instance, such as the Giant Humans (Goliath and his brothers). When you look at the world..

  1. Dogs, to Wolves…
  2. Cats, to Cougars/Jaguars/etc…
  3. Dik-diks, to Deers…
  4. Guinea Pigs to Capybaras
  5. Snakes to Anacondas
  6. Dolphins to Whales
and probably tons of others that I’m ignorant about. Is it that far of a stretch that there could’ve once been Giants, with possibly one brown eye? Often those giant races were commissioned by the Jews to utter destruction… After they killed the entire population they’d burn everything they owned, all of their livestock(sometimes) and bodies. Is it so shocking that 3,500 years later we can’t find much hard evidence on Giants? We don’t even know what happened at Roanoke, almost 410 years ago!

There are people that even refute the Holocaust, now… only about 70 years later from when it happened…imagine how many people would refute it 3,500 years from now…

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