I was born a rebel long before I knew what that word meant.

You and your friends like something? I will be against it!

I tried it, hated it.
A place where everyone can complain and grumble together and laugh at each other’s miseries? That’s soOo dumb. Some are funny, I won’t deny it, but the concept in general…seriously?

Only sport I like is–kidding, there are none that I do, except for world league matches/games.

I think my intense need for rebellion was instilled in me very early on. Part of me wants to take no responsibility and take it to the next level by saying it was because when I was conceived, I had to fight over a million other versions of myself to have the right to live. How is that rebellion? I guess it really isn’t…It’s just me liking to fight. Well, I showed those motha suckas what was up, and so did you, congratulations!

Anyways… As I continue to look around I notice more and more people rebelling. Our country, was founded on rebelling when we gave Great Britain the Great Finger. We love to stick it to ‘the man’, and fight the good fight. Stories of one man, turning the tide against tyranny, metaphorically and hopefully never physically, turns us on. That’s why super heroes are AWESOME. It’s also why people can get away with rebooting a super hero movie franchise less than 5 years old(Hulk, Spiderman) and no one will give a damn.

But when I look around, all I see is rebellion. I will no longer be that lone man standing against tyranny. How can I rebel when everyone rebels with me?! That’s not fun. When I first came to church many years ago, I brought my critical Chris attitude into it, as well. I wanted to rebel. And the church made it easy, incredibly easy. Church people were a disappointment, the spiritual authority and doctrines were laughable to me. I felt justified. But as I grew and grow, I saw this often in the church among others that were dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction with the shortcomings of who we thought God called them to be, spawned a cesspool of haters.

Everyone walks around like the Church is a great whore instead of the great bride. I’m sympathetic to non-Christians when they hate on the church even though sometimes they may not really deserve it. But when ‘Christians’ begin to rip on the church and avoid it like a neglected girlfriend, I feel a new found fury! It makes me feel… rebellious. How do I be a rebel in a world of rebellion? I pondered on this for about an hour, and by hour I probably meant twenty seconds. EASY, I thought.

Logic states, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Well, that means it’s time to stop rebelling, brosephus. It’s soOo easy to hate on the Church and its short comings and how people have ‘let us down’. But it’s having the understanding to look at it and understand that we are all part of that ‘messed up’ church. We are just as messed up as the person we dislike, and hate on. We are in need of that grace just as much as that spiritual noob. And we are no smarter, better than anyone else.

It’s having the compassion, to get dirty while helping. It’s having the humility to be under spiritual authority. It’s having that love for something broken that God loves and pleads with us to love.

It’s knowing that we are that bride, that bride that Jesus Christ died for and loves.

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