buckets of suck

I think it was when I broke my first toy did I realize everything in this world was ephemeral and could have no lasting effect. Because of that it occurred to me early on that everything sucks.

I think it was when I tapped on the glass of my Grandpa’s clear casket, and asked my mom ‘why grandpa was in a box’, did I realize everyone in this world was ephemeral and could have no lasting effect. Because of that it occurred to me early on that everyone dies.

I think because of those things I never really developed a sense of pride of anything I made, or who I was, because everything I ever make, will be destroyed, and everything I ever do, will be topped by someone else. And everything I am to be will just wither to the ground and be but a breath.

So I never really understood the idea of confidence, as I grew older…I had an unrealistic scale and measurement of gauging quality, if its lasting effect isn’t good enough, it sucks….Why would you be glad you made something that sucks? Why would you be glad, that you are a bucket of suck?

Though probably not a good way to grow up, it instilled into me a Debbie Downer attitude of being objectively critical.

The only thing that ever withstands the test of time are ideas… But even then, since it is humans that receive them, who are everything wicked, there is an error in the ideas especially when we create them as well. We can’t control how other people will use our ideas in the future, or how they will interpret them if they are ever written down. This is especially illustrated in objects that were created with intentions of bringing something to humanity.

Like the inventor of television, created it with the intention of showing musicals, ballet, and poetry to all those that could not afford to attend theaters. The inventor of basketball created it in hopes to give young men something to do so that they’d detour from criminal activity, and violence. However basketball players are far from role models, today. The Internet was also hoped to be a way to spread knowledge and education, but it is often used for more lewd purposes. Spray paint cans were intended to…spray paint, rather than get sniffed from a bag for a neutered high.

The effects of the deviation of twisting ideas are most noticeable in the US Constitution. Everyone has construed their own meaning of it for their own immediate benefits. And while it’s easy to blame the system of our government, there was once a system that God gave to the Jews that they/we also messed up. The government created from the Mosaic Law given to Moses from God was, too, eventually destroyed by the wickedness of man. So in short, nothing is safe from our total depravity! And everything else will be destroyed or dissipate. Not to be a debbie downer but it has just been something I have noticed.


2 thoughts on “buckets of suck

  1. i don't sense a conclusion to your thoughts.
    whatever happened to that lil' tidbit about being proud of the talents/gifts that God has graced you with?
    and not downplaying them?

  2. The most lasting legacies, that are ideas, can be ruined by the natural sinfulness of man, even if it may be from God. It is not to say Sin is too big for God, but we destroy things that come with the best intentions.

    How's that? 🙂

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