To all my phantom readers that could not comment before, I have changed the commenting system so that all may comment.
The summer is coming and I feel almost ill-prepared. In general, before breaks, I usually try to come up with a ridiculous list of stuff to do. I usually barely get a third of it done before the break is over. I haven’t made the list, but I can see a lot of random doors that God has been opening and just dumping stuff on my plate.

Mit: ::starcraft2 talk::
Mit: lol
Mit: ::starcraft2 talk::
George: ::starcraft2 talk::
George: ::starcraft2 talk::
George: hahaha
Mit: ::stacraft2 talk::
Mit: soo yeah
Mit: btw mack’s in jail.
Mit: meant to say that earlier
Mit: want to play? 😀
George: aight, getting on.

I felt bad that when one of my best friends told me one of our best mutual friends was in jail, my first reaction was to laugh out loud. I think that’s because in general my attitude towards guys is a lot different than towards girls. With bros I usually do not really miss them with a heavy heart when I am away or when they are.

It seems like a strange camaraderie in mutual understanding that we have to depart to accomplish what we have to. And in that, I cannot be sad for their departure. That doesn’t mean I don’t continually pray for them, or wish them well though…or that I am sad that they’re in jail.

In this case, I knew Mit was/would doing/do everything for my friend, Mack, to get him out; Since, I’m in another city; There’s nothing I could have done anyways. But, he’s out now. Praise God.

George: So, how was jail?
Mack: felt real good
Mack: felt like massive crushing pain
Mack: the pain that breaks a soul
George: really? :[
Mack: and snaps a body like a twig
Mack: yes
Mack: jail is hell
Mack: except colder
Mack: i think it’s just cause you have nothing to do
Mack: like seriously
Mack: just stare at the floor
Mack: or sleep
Mack: or do pushups
Mack: or make stuff out of toilet paper
Mack: aka
Mack: felt real good


2 thoughts on “Aléatoire

  1. today in sunday's school we talked about paul's epistles to the ephesians, colossians, philippians and to philemon. all these epistles were written, when paul was in jail. that's why they are called 監獄書信. and our teacher added a note saying that going to jail isn't a bad thing actually because there you have a lot of time, to calm down and ponder over God's words and you might even experience God much more than not in jail ^^

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