I am usually not one to watch a full length presentation, more than once, if it’s up to me. Why? You know what’s going to happen! Even my favorite movie, Stardust, I have only seen three times.

There is one movie that I hate because I’ve seen it a lot… Having seen it once or twice early in my youth, it appeared through out the rest of my scholastic tenure. It has a total view count of at least 10.

Another Teacher: Sorry guys, but Mr. Barber called in sick today, we didn’t have time to call in a sub.
Another Teacher: But don’t worry! We’re gonna watch one of my all time favorite movies!
cue Jurassic Park Theme Song.
Another Teacher: Welcome. To Jurassic Pahk!
George: fu*boop* this *boop* God *boop* from *boop* in a *boop* Jurassic *boop* again.

This happened usually two to three times every semester, in one of my classes before any major break, this would include Spring/Fall/Winter/Summer/MLK/Thanksgiving. Also the occasional surprise free day that teachers would give us was usually graced with this theatrical thriller.

There was a foolish moment that was in a day a few months ago where I thought something ignorant. As I was beginning to make progress through my 52 week Bible Reading plan that I started two years ago I thought to myself…When I finish the Bible, will I become stale and bored with it? So I just continued to pray that God reveal himself to me…And these past few week(s) have super humbled me. I know now, for sure that I don’t know anything about anything from anywhere at anytime because of anyone but God.

It all started as an inquiry in Predestination/Election, that I got to learn a bit of the just side of God, and his wrath. Listening to sermons, reading commentaries/books, talking to seminary students/pastors/elders, and then a climax at a seminar put on by a seminary has led me on a wild lamb chase. Predestination/Election has led me to then look into freewill-> John Piper-> human depravity-> Calvinism-> Salvation-> Lukewarm-> Once saved always saved-> God’s love-> Evangelism-> Irresistible Grace-> Malachi 1:2-3-> Romans 9:10-> Ephesians 1-2-> Revelations.

A by-product from all this learning I would say is a new awe-struck love for the Lord. A new stunning fear of him, not motivated because of my possible eternal destruction. A motivation that comes from my need to be with him. The feeling of obedience and to please him are new convictions laid into me from the Spirit that I do not wish to resist and would break my heart to do the opposite and have that disconnection.

Something that’s been argued long since I dropped my first deuce, I don’t think I will find a real answer to it for myself. But I know this, that my reaction will be the same, to worship him all my life. If you are curious I urge you to look into it for yourselves.


4 thoughts on “Peure

  1. i've been tripped up on words lately i think because my mind tells me a thousand things before I say something.. but this post was encouraging. and i'm almost in awe…not because of what either of us have done or seen, but i think just because how amazing He works in us. dude, we serve an amazing God.

  2. a new awe-struck love for the Lord and a new stunning fear of Him…irresistible Spirit.

    somehow i feel excited with you about our God, like i was just born again.

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