I have been thinking for awhile for the latest My Way of the Ninja series but I just couldn’t do it. Mainly because there are other things that need to be said. Usually I am not one to make super serious/personal posts. But lately there has been so much going on that I can’t just keep what God’s been doing in my life to myself.

This Thursday will mark the duration of five weeks in which I have been on an unparalleled spiritual high. An unparalleled level of love for God, reliance on him, and knowledge would be unfair in description to even begin to give what God has done justice.

Challenged, destroyed, rely, renewed, rejoice…over and over. The biggest highlight lately probably was that while during all of this, in what I will name the Third Revival or (Revival III) story arch, I was looking for fruit in all the wrong areas. Wrong areas, as in where it’s not my time to blessed in those things. God was at work everywhere else.

Imagine the hired fool that farms peaches, hoping for fruit when only standing between these two barren trees. While oblivious to everything around him, the trees around him have sprouted to an enormous height, age and mass, that can only be described by ambiguous legendary names/terms like Methuselah, Behemoth and Leviathan. The fruits on the trees bloom with peaches that make the peach from James and the Giant Peach, look like a dried shriveled prune that tastes like black jellybeans. And then imagine him getting really upset…Upset that he put so much work and desired the garden to grow, yet he thought he was seeing nothing by only staring at those two trees. Only when he is almost killed by fruit falling from the sky does he realize what has happened. And then he thanks the true Gardener.

Everything is from grace, and we can’t earn anything through what we do; I definitely feel that. But we can definitely ready ourselves,(God willing), so we can handle the blessings that God gives us. And I think that was why I was so upset… I felt like I was readying myself up(not to be entrusted with blessings, but just to be closer to God) to the best of my ability, and I saw nothing. So to be a bit more specific to those that want to punch me for not just saying what’s been up, this is what God has been doing.

I rely on God a lot more knowing how much of a bucket of suck I am. Quiet times are overly consistent and bring me joy. Countless victories over all kinds of temptations. Prayers are extremely frequent and numerous.

Lastly. Learning God’s faithfulness. Lately he has answered so many prayers for my friends, give worth to any work, that I don’t even consider work. I see so much growth in my friends and it warms my heart. Weak or broken relationships are being strengthened/healed between me and family members. And I really don’t know how to respond to any of this except running out of the room quickly to cry like it’s the last few scenes in Titanic and thanking Him. I’m pretty sure I would cry if you asked me to say all of this in person. And I have, to people that I have already talked to, except I usually stuff it down just so it wouldn’t interrupt my speech. This has meant a lot to me, and I know it’s just the beginning.

I don’t say any of this to want to look spiritual at all but that you may/will be encouraged. I know everyone is different in what it takes to encourage them, but if this helps even one, then glory to Him.

I just realized this is the first post of this ‘year’…


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