My Way of the Ninja

Between the emo metrosexuals and the juiced up guidos I feel like there has been a rather lack of new role models for our/my generation. So for myself I have been keeping a steady eye out towards the world ready to steal any ability that I wanted in myself. The people that would be scrupled under my careful eagle eyes are Clint Eastwood, Great Teacher Onizuka, and Jack Bauer.

Here are some things I want to be a part of me until the day I am laid to rest.

Never admit to physical pain,
in front of females/or family in which there are people older than you present.

This article is exempt when any of these conditions are met:

  1. A limb has been severed or destroyed.
  2. Your body has been pierced by an object which has left the wound with the size greater than an inch in diameter.
  3. You have been burned with metal/steam/water with a resulting surface area greater than eight inches.
  4. You have a terminal illness and are in the last stages.
  5. Whatever damage that has been done has caused over a pint of blood to be lost.

Never physically hit chicks with my body or with anything held,
so projectiles, and things that launch objects in a non-lethal force are okay.

This article is exempt when any of these conditions are met:

  1. A life is in danger.
  2. Your future lineage is _imminent_ danger.
    Full force is strongly authorized and highly recommended.
  3. She’s evil. (Evil has no gender)
  4. She’s transforming into a monster.

I feel that these yield long time rewards when followed to the T.


2 thoughts on “My Way of the Ninja

  1. LOLLLLLLLLLL! i'm glad you won't hit a girl unless she's an evil monster or something.

    but seriously, it's okay to cry. i mean don't be emo about it, but sometimes your world might seem to be crashing and you're almost hitting rock bottom. it's okay to let it out. and what about a death?

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