Lately I have started to grow out my hair to an unparalleled length, when comparing to myself. And responses have been mostly positive.

Me: Hey, Grandma! Like my hair?!
Grandma: 看起來像一個小姐. (You look like a girl.)

My response. Awesome. I can be a manly man yet with delicate features. The Asian androgyny is only okay if it’s pretty clear you’re a man/woman.

Me: Hey Mom! Like my hair?!
Mom: I don’t like how it covers your face, makes you look dirty.

I think I asked my mom three different times throughout the night. Every time she said something different, that was negative.

Me: Hey man, haven’t seen you in a long time.
Random Friend: Yeah, your hair is really long now… Lookin’ like Bruce Lee.
Me: Cool, huh?!
Random Friend: Yeah, makes your big fu*boop*ing head look a lot smaller.

Finally someone has seen through my plan.
Maybe in the summer I’ll cut it, then let it grow into the winter. A poor man’s clothes.


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