Prior to the new Twilight/True Blood extravaganza I used to be quite the vampire genre fan. Mainly Buffy, Angel, Hellsing, Underworld, but what sealed the deal was Interview with the Vampire.

No, I did not read the book, which I found out to be heavily leaned towards some of the homosex and almost completely omitted in the film. Yes, I did see Queen of the Damned with the dear late Aaliyah, and yes, it sucked. Aaliyah was hot though. Anne Rice’s vampire universe was similar to the Underworld franchise’s universe; older vampires are stronger/quicker. So as you age, the stronger and quicker you are. And as a young lad I ate that stuff up like it was the second Dragon Ball Z. Don’t pretend at the end of Underworld 2 that you weren’t excited to see them fight the ancient vampire and the ancient werewolf!

I always took that to be similar to be in real life. As you grow older, you should become stronger, smarter, and more mature. I have been trying to keep true to this real hard. And it’s really funny when I tell people that I have never been better than I am today. And then I am met with an equally humbling statement of “Dayum. You must’ve been hella dumb/fat/weak/dirty when you were younger.”

I know eventually I’ll hit a wall and start going in reverse. This physical limitation that will have me one day segway’ing with a diaper on is however absent in the spiritual world. God willing, we can always continue to develop to become that Brad Pitt that kills ten other vampires by himself after they have taken our 10 year old lover.


4 thoughts on “Vieux

  1. it's sad though that our lives resemble a circle. we begin as babies – helpless, naked, and reliant upon others, and then grow into strong abled men and women. But the moment after hitting our prime we begin to disintegrate both physically and mentally – thus we come full circle. In our old age we once again become helpless, naked, and reliant upon others. I believe the notion of vampires becoming faster and stronger and smarter with age is somewhat of a holy grail for man – always being sought yet fictional.

  2. true. and vampires live forever. so the cool thing is that the vampires life should be equated with our spiritual life, where as we “age” we get stronger and more mature and although our flesh may die, our souls pretty much never die…coooooolll “spiritual vampires”…

  3. Matthew 7:15

    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.


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