I used to hate recycling. I was quick to believe the discrediting rumors that the sorted materials didn’t even get recycled at the trash centers. Often in my childhood I would be conscripted by my mother for volunteer work, callousing my hands and my heart towards any kind of litter pick up walks. Bitterness was sown deep as I hated a nature that was obvious to be condemned to destruction.

But after watching Food Inc. and Earth 2100Before I continue, I just wanted to say Earth 2100 was probably one of the best direct-to-tv movies since Uprising. And I only liked Uprising because it was about Jews and Nazis, and it had the guy from Friends…and they had cool European accents. Anyways, Earth 2100’s documentary + grunge comic style story telling reminded me of the game, Infamous and Animatrix at the same time. It’s completely believable and a good story. I feel like I have to be part of the solution. Whatever that may be like, I don’t know.

The world is on a path to destruction. An industry of meat doomed to implode, a growing frequency of natural disasters, overpopulation, sources of energy, disease, are all problems without even getting into more expressive problems directly created by man towards man(war, tyranny, shi*boop*y mtv). And as I get older I see why it’s more and more important to be a man of God. We are unable to face all of these gigantic problems alone.

Without really having read Revelations I don’t really want to link it anymore towards the Bible in fear of getting shi*boop* wrong.


5 thoughts on “Terre

  1. Still not much of a believer on “global warming,” as I feel there are a lot more pressing issues at hand than that. At this point too much of it is being used as a political tool for it to actually do any good. In the end, what happens will happen, not because of what we do, but because of what God has in store for us. On a lighter note, I have more faith in a 2012 disaster happening than global warming.

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