I am the guy that never gets things until the very end. Like the Matrix. I was waiting for “the one” to show up and be introduced as a new character. But he never came…until the sequel. Who knew it’d be Neo?!

About after a day has passed after I watched Sixth Sense, I finally understood why Haley Joel Osment could see Bruce Willis; it was cause he was dead!

That is however what gets me to this. America as well as the rest of the ‘developed world’ loves to push the envelope; yes, I’m slow. It is in everything we do. I guess that’s what keeps it interesting, but eventually it’ll hit a wall…like now. Pushing it to the limit, so to speak, has often led to revolutionary ways and improvements in terms of life.(Civil rights, woman’s rights) Often being able to argue for these ‘revolutionary’ ideas puts you in a golden shower of praise because there’s no way you can really logically argue against it without being a bigot. Except that season has now passed. People continue to look for things to push, but there is no where left for things to move.

I don’t understand why homosexuals spend so much time trying to argue for their own rights for marriage, when they can have Civil Unions(Even though in certain states you can get married). So they have to spend a bit more money…than traditional marriages… and forgo a small bit of tax cuts and other stuff.

The infidelity rates for homosexuals is sky high, so they’re unlikely to get married anyway. My point is not even focused on this, but I just wanted to point it out. When there are other things going on in the world like, North Korean refugees, every other African country, Chinese censorship, Chinese censorship, that small tidbit for gays seems so minor and the effort is undeserved when compared to those other crises.

Why not have shows on regular TV with graphic sex? America is so tied up and prude! Kids have to know eventually.

When people say things like that, my eyes glaze over. These are usually the same people that give standing ovations to Requiem for a Dream on the fifth time watching it. Call me an escapist, but I like my movies to bring me some kind of joy. If I want knowledge, I’ll watch documentaries. To see the real world, I’ll read BBC and the local news. And if I want to be challenged to think; I’ll read the Bible and other spiritual mojo. I don’t want to see some indie-graphic, cult classic that in reality sucks, cause you wouldn’t watch it with your mother.

Don’t get me wrong. It was well made, in terms of artistic talent(writing, directing, lighting). But I don’t care, at all. It’s like putting poop into a cake mix. Might have been the best tasting thing in the world since Manna, but in it is a bunch of shi*boop*.

This post has deviated from the original topic. I actually wanted to talk about a fresh new movie that was at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s also called, Antichrist, despite having nothing to do with the Antichrist or explain it in the movie. A real winner. I’ll just leave this out there… as an intro.

The film has also come under attack for its explicit and often disturbing sexuality, including the opening scene showing a toddler falling to its death while He and She have sex on the bed nearby. The film has also invited controversy for its graphic sexual violence. In one controversial scene, She hits His testicles with a wooden plank so hard that it is implied they are crushed…

I just can’t believe it won anything even if the actress was awesome(which is what it won). I almost can’t believe it was shown, either. The thing that gets me the most is I bet there was some Indie McIndie-douche bag wearing a beret with thick black framed glasses that gave it a standing ovation for five minutes. And then he went home to blog about how great it was.
I should just make a movie of myself dropping a deuce and turn it into a film festival, and I bet that same guy would think it’s awesome. And I’d win best actor.

Man, I think I’d be pretty good at smashing testicles with wooden planks too, maybe I should get in on the sequel.

UPDATED: The movie actually gets worse I just censored it because of Twig. Thanks for the heads up though, Twig.


2 thoughts on “l’Enveloppe

  1. “You know what really bothers me? When people treat others as objects. …Humans are not disposable tissues; they are not toys you can take out when you need entertainment and tossed back into the closet when another gadget comes along.”

    This is a line from Elise's wordpress that I read this morning. I hope she doesn't mind me quoting her..hehe.

    To answer the text you sent me at 1:18am, lol..

    A month ago, God replaced my heart for just a glimpse of His. I can't believe I read this post..and yet, I'm thankful to the Father that it NO LONGER can be a stumbling block to me. It may be quite disturbing but I was able to take my mind captive in obedience to Him and just move on. But George, if it was my old life, I would look up those movies and actually watch them. So.. think about whether they may be stumbling blocks to others.

    After reading your post tho, I was very thankful that right now, I ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I hate movies with graphic nudity sex. I hate porn. I hate ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that has to do with lust. This only happened a month ago.. when God pierced it thru my heart (you can look back to my past blogposts). ABHOR. HATE. LOATHE. IT TURNS ME OFF AND MAKES ME MAD. Sigh, and then my heart just goes out to all those people out there who live their lives watching that stupid demonic, demoralizing crap. CRAP.

    Humans are creations with so much potential..so precious, so beautiful in the eyes of God..but media turns them into objects of entertainment.. they turn broken people..into more broken people.

    Oh how my heart breaks.

    “As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

    That was the longest and most personal comment I've ever typed in my life. Haha. Have a good one, George.

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