In my life’s pursuit to be a designer/web/writer person my mother has come under the impression in which I need help. I don’t blame her, I would be just as worried if not more. Actually, if I was my mother I would be pretty sure my son is thinking about selling US citizenship through marriage as a last ditch effort to make a living. Of course after the military/reserves/Asia/selling his own organs.

Anyways, for awhile she has been trying to hook me up with a friend she has met while in her volunteering community. Said family friend was an upperclassmen that is now getting his masters and TA’d for a class in the same major as I am. Occasionally, I would see him in the labs or in classes that I would walk into, when I needed their computers. For years I was too caught up doing my own thing to really give it a shot or a shi*boop*. But as I am nearing the end of my college career I do not have many options remaining. So, I decided to follow this lead as to not leave my mom hanging and in my own mind, to give her face. Can’t let other people think I disrespect my mother, even though I do. Sometimes.

So last year I called the number she gave me and met up with him and we started to chat. Pretty cool guy, and a resource if I ever really needed more info/or other hook ups I guess. I forgot all about this until my mother started talking to me at the family dinner.

Mother: So I ran into Jason the other day, you remember him?
George: uhn.

Mother: He was talking about how you guys had met awhile back and had some good conversations about your careers.

George: Yeah, he told me a lot of stuff that was good to know in case if I try to pursue a future in art.
Mother: He told me something interesting though.

And that’s when it dawned on me what she was getting at… I felt like there was a pause at that moment in time. If my life was anime there would probably be 3 scenes of water droplets hitting a larger pool of water right then. Nervousness and laughter were beginning to build inside me like I just saw Korean History Channel for the first time.

Mother: After your hour long conversation about ATEC and what you wanted to do about your life he asked if you had any important questions… And then after a careful deliberation, you decided to ask him about a girl that was in his class…for like an hour.
George: O_O
Mother: Out of all the things you could have asked him….

So I just responded how I did to all situations I deem really awkward. I calmly looked around a second to my brother and dad then began to laugh like a hyena. I probably guffawed for like a good 10 seconds with some good knee slapping action in there. Then I promptly got up and went to my room. At least, she doesn’t think I’m gay anymore.


6 thoughts on “Rire

  1. LOL. Nice allusion, “If my life was anime there would probably be 3 scenes of water droplets hitting a larger pool of water right then. “

    Which girl was it? 😀

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