This word was quickly learned often used. Most frequently it would be the response to a request for help, a plead to borrow something(money), and a proposed agreement or rendez vous. Nope.

Friend: Hey George, can I borrow this program for my homework–
George: NOPE.
Friend: But it looks like it’s been sitting here awhi–
George: NOPE.
Friend: Look, it’s so dusty!
George: NOPE.

This got me thinking. In my selfish pursuit in which I have entertained everything I have enjoyed and wanted, which has been illustrated by this past summer I have realized something. When I am left alone to do what I want, all of my pursuits are in what I want. While it is not the first time this conclusion has been formed it has reinforced my opinion.

Without God there is nothing I can do correctly.
And that man is naturally sinful.

This got me thinking once again. Which made even more sense in terms of circumstances. In a previous article, I have mentioned my random thoughts that I like to bring back to the Bible… Well, here it is again!

The above is exactly why Communism does not work. Through our sinful nature we are too tempted to carry out our own pursuits and ambitions. If we have to do assigned work for the greater good for the rest of our lives and have nothing to show for it as an individual, we are not going to give it our all.

In fact, I would be willing to say people would not give a flying kite about who they would have to hurt and corners they’d have to cut for some extra change. Who wouldn’t do what they had to do for wealth well deserved if the system was not rewarding? Let’s say…maybe putting cardboard in meat filled buns, poisoned milk, toxic toys, dry walls that emit toxic fumes…–Oh wait, those have already been done.

While doing research, the cardboard buns was a hoax…allegedly.

Actually…why do that when you can go full blown illegal and carry out what is probably considered crimes against humanity?! What is making even sweeter money is the vast black market of human trafficking, and organ harvesting.

While their creativity is disappointing it doesn’t exclude or help the fact that their country does not reward ingenuity. Who wants to spend millions of dollars creating software that will be stolen, decompiled and remade under a different logo within a day? Until China becomes more lax about their laws it will only get worse and their executions more frequent.

The pollution, the crime, and the dream of super try-harding(pooping your pants while sitting under a stage for 12 hours) are all part of the reasons I refuse to be called Chinese. Taiwanese represent.


3 thoughts on “Nope.

  1. Yeah, what neil said, wa ga li gong– eff China, eff Communists.

    You know what I say to people who think about learning Chinese because they hear all the money is going to be made in China? I say eff that. Why? There's over a billion people there who speak Chinese, and 99% of them DO SHIT and make the equivalent of maybe $10USD in one year.

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