Things that Make me Smile

To counter my debbie downer article I feel that I must uplift the atmosphere with a quick list of things that make me smile. When these things happen, know that if I have a sour face on I am most definitely having a party inside. It would not just be any kind of party either. This would be like a wedding, banquet, paint ball, and eating yogurt all at the same time.

Sudden Random Violence

  • After viewing it for the 1000th time it has lost some effect. But I did realize early on that this kind of humor would always be a part of me despite if what I found funny was meant to be or not.

Expression of Extreme Anger (around 1:40-2:45 is the best part)

  • I think this is one of the reasons I am so good at making people mad, online. I for some reason like to make people I don’t like, mad. That sounds a bit sadistic and shows a lack of character in my part. But it feels good. Doing it in person, of course, is not nearly as fun, for I may end up in a dumpster, naked.
  • I think in part, I also like to see how people express their feelings, even if they’re sad. It is a part of my human inquisitiveness, I suppose.

The Smell of New Paper

  • The only thing that beats the smell of a new car, or a new house.
  • In elementary school when the teacher would pass us our freshly printed out tests, before I failed them I would sniff it until the examination was over.

Other things but not exclusively in any order… girls, food, fat money checks, dancing, new dumb rap music, girly music, and speaking mandarin with _native/fluent female_ speakers. (For the love of God, please be fluent. )


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