First off, I must apologize. I feel like lately I have abandoned the few loyal readers I still had. Even worse, they were faced with the same lame articles for weeks!

Recently I was at Rec Week (Christian Retreat) and learned quite a bit…
Besides a summary of most of the Old Testament and comparisons to modern day soap operas I also learned a bit of myself.

1. I don’t like it when things are too happy.

  • Ever since I was little conflict was always in my life. Whether it was between my mom and my dad, me and my bro, me and peers, the noise of conflict was always soothing. Instead of white noise machines, and recordings of beaches, I prefer to listen to blood curling battle scenes from Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, and random episodes of Jerry Springer. On loop is the only way to watch these things of course.

So what do I do when that happens? I have to stop it! I have to disrupt it… I think this happens a lot even in my friendships with guys and especially with girls. Every compliment I gave had to be followed by two severe disses.

George: Hey, sweet shoes!
Girl: What?–Really?! Thanks. I got them off (Website).
Girl: ::Smiles:: They had so many colors I regretted buying these for awhile…
George: Uhh…. Well. You should do your hair differently and not wear that dress anymore.
Girl: What!.. Why?
George: I think your forehead is too small to pull off the lots of bangs look… and this dress is not doing your body justice.
Girl: … Thanks?
George: Yep.

And with guys.

Guy: Sup George?! How are you?
George: What, fag?!

So I think it’s something to work on. Like if I have time… It’s probably not that important.

2. I have soft hands.

  • I must have gotten like ten splinters in my hands from random anythings… There was wood everywhere; what the hell! I was dribbling a basketball(Shocking, I know.) and I got a splinter. I caught a football and got another. Okay I didn’t catch it, but when I picked it off the ground, it was like I squeezed a cactus made of wood.

3. I am grumpy when I am woken up from any nap/sleep.

  • I remember used to living on campus and one time during a nap my roommate poked his head in and started to talk to me.

Roommate: Hey George, we’re going to Wendy’s, you want us to get you any foo–


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