As I have previously said, I like to read random articles. And being so ADD I love to day dream, and in these dreams I make loose connections. Connections to the Bible, or to my daily life, or both are commonly made.

In boredom I occasionally visit NPR.org for news. And I found something interesting lately. There was once a snake that was three feet wide, and one ton heavy. It also presumably ate crocodiles whole. Scientists think for it to be able to have survived it had to be in a very warm/hot tropical place with an average of 90 degrees. But enough with the snake! What I was thinking was… Maybe Adam and Eve were not tricked so much as coerced. I always thought it was a dinky little garden snake with hypnotic eyes. But once you broke out of it you’d pick it up, wind it up like a sling and smash its brains on some trees.

But no! What if, it was a 42 foot long 1 ton heavy 3 feet wide titanoboa, telling Eve, “BI*boop* you better eat that apple.” According to the article as the world grows warmer one day tropical climates would be able to contain such a creature… Which is hella scary, what kind of weapons would you need to fight one of those, much less an army of those.

I once read an article about a civilization that collapsed due to disease. As interesting as it was, it was nothing compared to the comments under it. Disease brought to the Americas have wiped out entire nations. Like most diseases, they come from animals. And while Native Americans and other cultural people lived in the wild there was a distinctive difference in their life styles. They did not have domesticated animals like the Europeans or have such close living quarters with them.

Which brought me to pigs. Pigs in the Bible are considered unclean and for the longest time it weirded me out. Jews too good for bacon?! Pigs carry so many diseases that are transferrable to us. It may also be because we have similar body parts(ie heart/skin tranplants). They also carry a lot of worms.

While Babe and Charlotte’s Web has fooled the nation; their intelligence and charm does not fool me! These fat ugly animal’s cousin, the feral pig, is one of the 100 most invasive species. Not to mention their subsistence diet means they could eat anything. This is including people, and after that they’d go rabid and become zombie pigs.


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