Être gai?

Mom: Hey George, come watch this on TV… This boy here was playing games for hours, he wasn’t feeling well but continued to play…
George: And then he died, right?
Mom: Yeah…
George: I bet he was Chinese or Korean, right..?
Mom: Yeah. How’d you know?
George: Chinese and Koreans always do that kind of shiet.
Mom: What about Americans?
George: Americans value their qualities of life too much. They’re also fickle and hedonistic.
Mom: Which one are you then?
George: Mostly the American…
Mom: Well don’t be following all those Americans… doing this and that.
George: Don’t worry I wouldn’t do anything to myself…
Mom: Don’t be doing that…geh stuff either.
George: What?
Mom: You know, 同性戀, gay. Don’t be gay.

Few hours later.

George: Do you really think I’m gay?
Mom: LOL No… I just worry about you…
George: About what…
Mom: I don’t know. I just think you’ll get tricked into doing gay stuff…

That’s as close as the translations get. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t even know what that means. My mom used to warn me everyday as a Freshman in college. She thought I was promiscuous and told me not to touch women that did not ‘belong’ to me.

And now for some reason she thinks I’m gay.


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