My new years resolution from last year was met. It was the only one as it will be this year. It was/is to stay alive. So please, no one cause me to stumble or sabotage it. My break was uneventful but unparalleled in relaxation and in selfishness.

I downloaded games and played them for twelve hour streaks and then I would go to sleep for the second night without showering. My brother would return when I woke up in mid-afternoon with my breakfast/lunch. I would sleep when the sun rose. Besides paying the bills for my parents and doing minor errands, the cycle would repeat and the layer of dirt on my skin would relatively rise with the stench I emitted. Those sweet days are over.

School has started. I regret registering for half my classes already. UTD is going through construction; continuing our positive linear relationship of [hate for UTD] vs [time]. Besides blocking all the paths I used to take(increasing my walk time by 10 minutes no matter what), destroying a third of the parking lot I always use (causing it to fill like 30% faster), the strange smell of horse pee from the dirt, and occasional tar, I would say I’m almost okay with it. Except they’ve been constructing stuff for the past two years.

The only good part is that it forces students to see each other more. Which for me means more hot girls. And dirty smelling guys.


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