Aider moi?

Before my dad left for Taiwan I could sense his effort to establish a relationship with me that we never had. He would cook and ask that I not clean…wonderful days… One day he was in the car with me, and I was listening to the radio. And he was like George, what are they saying… I was like… uhhh… 我是你有看過的最大的老闆 ?

I think I have been missing out on a lot lately, from hiding in my house and my apartment these past few years. The exchange of ideas and thoughts, communication, in my opinion is like the foundation of advancement. Advancing in anything and everything! That was why America used to be ownage. When all the races from around the world came together so much was brought from the other countries. The good, and the bad, creating an explosion of upgrading in every field. Agriculture(King Cotton), technology(Industrial Revolution) and crime(Al Capone, the roaring 20’s) were all under this.

You may be thinking, way to lump so many fields from centuries into three categories… But I don’t kur!

Ever since instant communication became more widely accessible we have lost a big advantage. All we have is what we used to have. That is why countries like Japan and Israel are wrecking us in quality of life/life expectancy/and technology. We did not use what we had when we were a younger country to our advantage. Their schools are top notch not to say ours are not. But the emphasis on education in our culture is completely different, while their schools are designed to fit their culture/vice versa. But what can you expect from a country whose primary export is entertainment.

The Euro is defecating on the dollar, and only Mexicans will continue to want to move into the US, only because they’re too poor to go to Europe. Countries around the world are beginning to prosper as well. Certain cities are popping up that have not been nearly as developed within the past 10 years. Look at Vietnam, China, and Singapore… Soon no one will want to come to America, why move when you can get the same quality of life in your home country..?

Anyways. Communication! In my freshman year, I learned how to kind of cook, do laundry, and work out. Having (mature)roommates helped me learn so much that I miss them. Not only did I make them do everything I didn’t want to do, buy a lot of toiletries, they also showed me how they lived. By watching the little things that people do, you can take the good, and add it to your own. (Putting Bread in the Freezer, Peanut Butter + Honey Sandwiches, etc…)

Communicating is also especially important spiritually, I know if I’m not chilling with God, or praying, I am going to miss out on so much. The same with fellowship! Encouragement and encouraging is crucial as well as accountability. I just pray that I can always keep learning and being who he wants.


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