Recently I began to watch The Sopranos. Why? Because it has won 5/21(nominations) Emmys and a Golden Globe for its 6 seasons and is the most successful Cable Television show, ever. It has been very enthralling and well written. The characters are all believable people that you never want to be, and the only people that you ever feel sorry for are the victims of the main characters. But after 3 seasons I think I’m gonna call it quits; I feel like I’m not learning/getting anything healthy from it, yet have gotten a taste of the effort and art behind it. There’s only so many people they can introduce and whack em before it gets old.

To counter-balance the values of loyalty and family in every episode there is in no short supply the amount of breasts and demanding sexual language shown/expressed. The timing of the outbursts are predictable and frequent but the language and actions followed are not. Watching the people’s rudeness towards each other brings me sadistic joy.

I don’t know why, but I have always felt like a dumbace. It might be because I hung out with constant berating older cousins and classmates that I feel an obligation to have a high spirit of learning. This need to learn has lead me to watch animes, documentaries, and shows which I would know nothing about. IE Go, Boxing, Dolphin Soldiers, Worst Jobs Ever. I find it a waste of time just to watch things now just for entertainment when they’re about lame topics or in lame settings. I get that enough watching regular movies! Watch multiple hour long shows of complete made up pulp shi*boop*?, no thanks. When I watch things, I have to walk away with something, knowledge, social commentary, history, random facts, anything!

I found this Asian torrent site(requires registration) for Japanese, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin movies. Despite its low popularity and frequent amount of softcore porn on there; it is very up to date and has the newest movies!

No. I don’t download the porn. The only thing worse than Asian porn is Asian porn from Asia.


3 thoughts on “Commendatori

  1. entertainment is learning about culture, it’s invaluable for social interaction!you can sound like the smart guy talking about the history of the lightbulb, but try to get a laugh out of it

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