Even Less Fun

Obama won, not surprising at all. I will unfairly assume that it is only because of the nations new profound sense of self righteousness which has only expressed its own insecurity of racial equality. I will also unfairly assume a lot of it is in ignorance.

I feel like one of the few people in the world that could care less that Obama is the first black president of the US. How people hype it up is so irritating when there was already Condoleezza Rice(first woman as national security advisor) and Colin Powell, who was from Harlem. It’s like their accomplishments are considered nothing to Obama’s. Everyone knew it was going to happen one day. There was a black president in the show, 24, and that was realistic enough for me. The Game said it best when he said ” fu*boop* Jesse Jackson cause it ain’t about race now.

Now that white people have been de-throned it has made me less happy to see what I hope is not an ignorant mass. The embrace of ring-tone rap, soulja boy garbage, have all been telling me that that is not the case. The Krunk Derrtty South style has gone so awry. They add a a few bells and taps, change the pitch of some of the instrumentals, say someone’s name for the hook, and bam, million dollars. The peak of materialism and ignorance is at a new apex, showcased by so many rappers and celebrities.

However after watching the 11th hour I feel a little bit better. Even though I shouldn’t. Most of the movie was saying how much we were destroying the planet. It kept reminding me of the science fiction movie, Contact.

Panel member: If you were to meet these Vegans, and were permitted only one question to ask of them, what would it be?
Ellie Arroway: Well, I suppose it would be, how did you do it? How did you evolve, how did you survive this technological adolescence without destroying yourself?

The feeling of impending doom is reserved for later generations in my opinion. My children are so boned! The movie showed some new innovations that were more environment friendly and a lot of it was function>fashion stuff. The feeling of efficiency and well thought plans shown made me bust a nut. It was like I was watching Stardust for the first time.

I have been writing a short story for one of my Literature classes, so I have been feeling lyrically drained…thus, lack of posts/quality. ;x


2 thoughts on “Even Less Fun

  1. You think its bad in the south, go to the west coast and kids in high school all the way up to the college level are acting as if Obama is the coolest cat on the planet. My worst fear is that this whole bandwagon of Obama lovers re-elect him in 2012, regardless of how he performs in his first term. I’m fine if he does well and they re-elect him, but it seems like they’re too ignorant and arrogant to admit that Obama messed up, and that they might have messed up in voting for him.

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