No Fun

In elementary school, I wished I was white. White girls were hotter (probably since I hardly ever saw any Asians except the late Trini Kwan). There was a white girl named Stephanie that I thought was hot. We were good friends and I would get fresh with her all the time but for some reason I thought since I was Asian, it was like, impossible to git-git-git with her. Like, physically, impossible. It was like they had a square, and I had a sphere. And it didn’t fit. We were both geometric shapes, but we could not interact.

There were only about 4 other Asians in my grade and we were discriminated against often. But it all changed in Middle School/Junior High. Mexicans, Blacks and other minorities came on the scene and it was good to have enemies of my enemies. Soon it was white-boy this, white-boy that. Blacks and Whites would fight, then Mexicans on Mexicans, Blacks and Mexicans and it went on. I was a minority and because of that, I was automatically inducted in to the against-white-bois club. No one teased me when I danced or expressively enjoyed rap/hip hop/r&b, because I wasn’t white.

While my best friends were all white, it was easy to hold the rest of the race in spite, even though I was in the company of the coolest cats.

Now as I’m in my senior year of college, white privilege is still alive and well, but it’s tiring to think about. It’s old. It seems like white people are now allowed to enjoy hip hop/rap/r&b without too much whiplash from the African-American sects. The next president is probably Obama, in a few years white people will become the minority, it would seem like the “fight” is over. Except white people will still command most of the wealth of the country. They will be in the tallest buildings with the newest iPods and Nintendo DS’s while segwaying somewhere where I hope they will hurt themselves.

It’s not fun to discriminate against them anymore. I now enjoy more than ever before the derrtty Southern culture, our hospitality, the crosses on our backs, our cowboy boots, outdoor barbecues and pick up trucks. The racial undertones only adds to the flavor of the South. Maybe I can say all this so proudly because I live in a suburban Dallas… But anyways. The race wars is over, and replaced by class wars. The gap between the richest and poorest grow further even in America. And it only gets worse around the world. Just don’t get me started on Yellow Fever.

Racism has always been kind of like the cool thing for me. Of course I don’t approve of it and I find it to be one of the most ridiculous institutions, ever. But it interests me to know the history behind the hate. We were all taught to hate something, at sometime(If you’re Asian). And I like to know why… Armenian Genocide, Rape of Nanjing, Holocaust, Hutus and Tutsis, Empress Myeongseong’s murder/rape, Destruction of Native Americans/Trail of Tears, Hindus in Pakistan, Russians and Germans during WW2, and the list goes on and on.


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