Story Dump Trois

Lately things have been pretty busy, and I am a week behind on this…
This is a conversation I had prior to Taiwan, with a friend of mine.

i never thought that something like this’d happen to me.
okay, so today i was supposed to take my final for my music appreciation class, cause i’m leaving wednesday for taiwan
which is like… 2-3 weeks earlier than everyone else
and i just took my midterm, thursday
and there’s no school on fridays
so i had to learn 16 chapters on my own, so i filled out my study guide, with wikipedia/bs’ing/accumulated power point notes in notepad form…

Me: i emailed my answers to her on sunday, so she could check them
Me: she never got back to me, she was expecting it in WebCT
Chad: haha
Me: but i sent it to her real email…so i go in today, we find out why neither of us got our emails, and she checks my answers on the spot
Me: at the end of class
Me: i’m expecting to take my final
Me: she gives a final spiel on what remains of the class
Me: and then is like, what i’ve seen from your study guide
Me: will count as your final
Me: have a nice trip. i enjoyed having you in my class.
Chad: I hate you
Chad: I had heart surgery and my teacher’s making me take my test
Chad: you get to go on a fun vacation

He actually had heart surgery and is fully recovered. God Bless him.
Later I checked to see my grade, and I got an A…not that it transfers into my school, but it is an awesome gesture.


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